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Angelic Reiki – powerful hands-on healing method working with the highest energises of the Angelic Realm to bring about healing and balance on all levels.

Usui Reiki – universal energy. A natural healing method, allowing you to absorb additional life force energy. Hands-on healing method to rebalance and energise you, strengthening your mind, body and spirit.

Reflexology - Working on pressure points of the feet, helping to rebalance the body. It relieves stress, promoting a feeling of wellbeing.

Thermo Auricular therapy (Hopi candles) - Candles bring impurities to the surface where they may be gently removed. Both ears are treated, followed by a face, scalp and neck massage to stimulate reflex points, increasing circulation of blood and lymph. This aids clearing of sinuses and overall relaxation.

Stone massage therapy – using heated basalt stones, aromatherapy oils and crystals to massage key points of the body, creating comfort and warmth for total relaxation. This removes toxins, rebalances chakras, and improves joint and muscle motion range.

Aromatherapy – aromatherapy oils are used with massage to either stimulate or relax the body to heal itself, reducing stress, which is often the precursor to many ailments/ illnesses. assage – with or without oil, the scalp, neck, face, shoulders and hair are massaged to rebalance the body and mind.

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